What the price of weed in each US state can tell us about drug legalisation

US States where recreational use of marijuana is legal have seen the price of the drug fall.

An ounce of high quality weed in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska, where recreational use is legal, costs less than $300 a month, which is less than the national average of $324. The numbers come from priceofweed.com, which asks users to submit the price of an ounce of weed where they live.


But it’s not simply a case of the more liberal the state, the cheaper the weed.

In Colorado, where anyone over the age of 21 can carry an ounce of weed for recreational use or grow a full yield at home without threat from the law, an ounce costs $240. It’s cheaper to buy in Oregon at $204 an ounce, despite the fact that Oregon only legalised recreational marijuana in January 2015, a year after Colorado.


Recreational use of marijuana became legal in Washington D.C. in March, but commercial sale is still illegal and prices remain high, at $346 an ounce.

That’s still not as pricey as North Dakota, where an ounce costs $387 and possessing even half of that could get you imprisoned for a month.

The Independent